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Healthy Food for Healthy Kids

Practical Solutions for Healthy Meals and Healthy Habits


MINNEAPOLIS-Does mealtime turn your home into a war zone? Would you rather visit the dentist than face dinnertime with your toddler? There is a better way! Bridget Swinney’s book, Healthy Food for Healthy Kids is an excellent guide for preparing healthy meals that kids will love to eat, and for teaching children healthy eating habits.


Healthy Food for Healthy Kids covers topics such as:

·         Shopping smart and setting up a healthy, kid-friendly kitchen

·         Developing healthy eating habits now that can prevent health problems later in life

·         Managing food safety, food allergies and vegetarian eating

·         Dealing with food jags and food battles

·         Sneaking veggies into your kids’ meals in ways they’ll love

·         Finding the healthiest fast foods and convenience foods


Here’s what experts in the field have said about Healthy Food for Healthy Kids:


“This is a ‘must have’ book filled with tips for healthy eating from infancy through the early teen years. Particularly helpful are the menus and recipes.”

-Sandra Eardley, Ph.D., R.D., Southern Illinois School of Medicine


“This is a practical primer for parents on how to handle any eating situation. It’s written by a nutrition authority who is also in the trenches as a parent.”

-Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., author of “Stealth Health”


Bridget Swinney, who has also written the award winning books Eating Expectantly, and Baby Bites, writes frequently for websites and parenting magazines and has appeared on national talk shows including “Good Morning America” and “The Food Network.” She has a master’s degree in nutrition, is a registered dietician and works as a nutrition consultant in Texas. Visit her blog at or her website at



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