Frequently Asked Interview Questions: Eating Expectantly

1.     Can diet really improve fertility? How?

1.         Does dad’s diet make a difference to fertility?

2.         What are some “Before Baby” Super foods?

3.         What are some foods pregnant women should never eat?

4.         Is there anything moms-to-be can eat (or not) to prevent food allergies?

5.         Are there any foods that moms-to-be should eat only in moderation?

6.         In a nutshell, explain what a basic diet for a pregnant woman should look like.

7.         What nutrient do you often find that moms-to-be don’t get enough of?

8.         Are there any food preparation precautions moms-to-be should take to avoid food poisoning? Why?

9.         Are there specific nutrients that a mom should focus on eating more of in each trimester?

10.     How can moms-to-be avoid gaining too much weight?

11.     Should moms-to-be consider buying organic produce?

12.     Organic produce is generally more expensive; how can moms-to-be pick and choose which is best to buy organic?

13.     What are some good snack foods for pregnancy?

14.     There’s a lot of confusion about eating seafood. What’s the current thinking on eating fish during pregnancy?

15.     Do pregnant women have to avoid all caffeine?

16.     Why do you consider dark chocolate and natural cocoa “super condiments?”

17.     What are some nutrition trends you see among pregnant women?

18.     The new edition focuses on “clean and green” eating habits. What is that?

19.     What are some of the benefits of breastfeeding?

20.     Do moms need to follow a strict diet while breastfeeding?