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WIC VENA (Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment)

VENA, the new way to effectively guide WIC participants toward change, is an exciting new counseling program that was rolled out in 2007. Bridget Swinney MS, RD has developed and delivered VENA training programs all over the state of Texas and for the Choctaw Nation.

Training sessions can be tailored to a state's, reservation's or local agency's current needs. They can be full, half day or just a few hours. They can be geared towards counseling staff (CAs, nutritionists, RDs, RNs and CLCs and peer counselors) or to Clerical Staff.

Examples of topics available include:

  • VENA: Putting it All Together--How Does it Affect You?

  • Rapport Building

  • Critical Thinking: You're Already Doing It!

  • How to be a Change Agent: Stages of Change

  • VENA…the Sequel…Tweaking Your Skills

Bridget brings a passion for healthy living to all her speaking venues. Having worked with clients in many settings, she can build rapport with any audience.

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